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Networked AV Systems discusses the essential information AV and IT professionals need to know when working with network-driven equipment and processes. Each chapter features diagrams, photos, notes, chapter reviews, and end-of-chapter questions with in-depth explanations. In accordance with InfoComm's performance standards for the AV industry as they relate to networking, this book serves as both an on-the-job reference and a study tool for the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) exams.

Networked AV Systems covers: Network classifications, topologies, architectures, and standards. Layers of a network. Bandwidth, encoding, and transport. Network building blocks. Designing a network for AV systems. Ethernet and AVB. Network addressing. Subnetting: networking AV devices together. Protocols, ports, and documenting AV devices. Audio and video streaming. Digital signage. Conferencing. Secure remote management and monitoring. Service level agreements. Network security. Troubleshooting networked systems