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A leading seller in ETP’s near 60-strong list of titles, Chris Higgs’ An Introduction to Rigging in the Entertainment Industry (first published in 2002) has been revised and was issued in its second edition in August 2008. A major part of the revision in this new edition covers Working at Height and the associated regulations.

The book is a practical guide to rigging techniques and practice and also covers thoroughly all safety issues and discusses the implications of working within recommended guidelines and regulations. It sets out to act as an introduction to, in the main, indoor entertainment rigging. It is not intended to be a definitive work and can only serve as a guide to basic rigging. And it does not attempt to explore every technique in detail or to explain the ‘right way’ of doing anything. It does not cover large outdoor stages or tensile structures.

It is, however, a highly informative source of reference and will provide a starting point for further study.